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The University of Mississippi
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    As our community holds its women to a high standard in both academics and philanthropic service, joining the Panhellenic community allows for strides to be taken towards becoming a well-rounded and exceptional woman. Scholastic achievement is a priority in our system with GPA requirements present in most of our organizations as well as many programs that push our members to be the best versions of themselves. The overall GPA of the Panhellenic council is consistently higher than the campus-wide GPA, which is a feat we pride ourselves with accomplishing. In addition to scholarship, our members are involved both on our campus and within our community. With engagement in both various student organizations on campus and philanthropic endeavors within the community, we push our members to become stewards of the communities around us. Philanthropy is one of our main focuses here at the University and our women contribute greatly through our myriad of philanthropic endeavors.

    We are thrilled that you are interested in Greek life at the University of Mississippi and hope you find our website useful and easy to navigate. You are able to look through our resources to learn more about our Greek community and can find more information about recruitment registration, letters of recommendation, and logistics here.

    Hotty Toddy and Go Greek!

    Shelby D’Amico

    2020 College Panhellenic Council President


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